Facebook have announced a new feature called Graph Search as a way to search all of Facebook’s content.

Mark Zuckerberg broke it down by saying,

Graph Search is meant to answer specific questions like ‘Who are my friends in San Francisco?’

Or Peckham. Or Moss Side. Handsworth. Whatever, you get the drift.

This new search tool incorporates other search information from Microsoft’s Bing engine (which Facebook has been partnered with for some time already), as well as posts by your friends, to ensure you get tailored results.


This will make it easier to find friends who like ‘iPads’ or ‘Tyler Perry movies’ for example.

So when you have a spare pair of Mavado tickets you can just search to find which of your friends ‘Like’ Mavado or have expressed an interest like ‘I wish I had Mavado tickets’ and you can directly target them to shot your tickets.

You know that even though Facebook launched the new Graph Search with examples all about you and me, they are really doing this in response to their business customers’ needs.

So taking that example above, ABC Ltd will be able to find out which of their Facebook Fans also like say… XYZ singer and then target them in a campaign, for instance. Clever.

The Graph Search name actually comes from the Facebook term ‘Social Graph’ (which, along with Open Graph, is the official name of Facebook’s set of protocols and algorithms which correlate the pool of information shared between friends on the site).

Facebook say they are not trying to compete with Google, but having the ability to quickly find useful info from your friends is very handy (especially if your friend count is in the high hundreds).

Graph Search is open for selected beta testers at the moment and will roll out to everybody on the social network in the future. So you don’t have to rush to tweak your privacy settings again just yet.

Will you find this new feature useful? Post your thoughts in the comments below.