Starting now, you can get free access to Wi-Fi on the London Tube network. Don’t get too excited just yet because it’s only free if you are a customer of EE, Virgin or Vodafone.

If you use any other networks (like O2, GiffGaff or 3) you will have to pay either £2 per day, £5 per week or £15 per month to take advantage.

Considering most of the things we do on our phones require internet access, it’s about time we had some sort of connection on the Underground.

Virgin Media initially launched the service during the Olympics last year and have decided to make it a permanent feature. So while you’re waiting on the platform for that ‘signal failure’ to be rectified, you can tell everyone on Facebook about it!

The Wi-Fi connection is available on platforms, escalators and at the ticket offices, but unfortunately not in the tunnels (where commuters probably spend most of their time).

Over 100 stations are already involved in the scheme with new ones being added all the time. TfL have put together a map which shows the stations already offering access.

Will you be using the free Wi-Fi or do you enjoy the time when you phone isn’t bombarded with tweets, likes etc? Let me know in the comments below.