Engines created and designed by Germans are among the top 10 cars which are prone to engine failure, according to a study.

Don’t be fooled, German cars are not as reliable as most people might think. Warranty Direct has collated all its claims data and made a list of manufacturers with the most reliable engines.

Audi, BMW and VW fell within the worst 10 out of a total of 36 car makes listed.

The only German maker that lived up to the hype is Mercedes-Benz, being 3rd in the top 10 most reliable engine manufacturers.

The best car manufacturers are:
1. Honda with 1 out of 344 engines failing.
2. Toyota with 1 in 171 engines failing.
3. Mercedes with 1 in 119 engines failing
4. Volvo with 1 in 111 engines failing.
5. Jaguar with 1 in 103 engines failing.

And at the other end we have:
1. MG Rover with 1 in 13 engines failing.
2. Audi with 1 in 27 engines failing.
3. Mini with 1 in 40 engines failing.
4. Saab with 1 in 40 engines failing
5. Vauxhall with 1 in 41 engines failing.