Halfords, one of the UK’s leading motoring retailers has been given the green light to conduct practical driving tests.

Authorities have come up with this so practical test centres would be more easily accessible.

The first branch to actually hold a test will be the Wellingborough branch in Northamptonshire from 5 February, then other branches across the country will start.

The tests will still be conducted by DSA (Driving Standards Agency) examiners, and they’ll actually have a little corner in Halfords set aside for their use just so they can meet with candidates and do what they have to do.

Key to success - woman holding L plate with key

Up to 1,500 tests a year are predicted to be taken at Wellingborough alone and, within the next six months, tests will be available at more branches over the country.

It makes sense what they’re doing, because most people actually know where the nearest Halfords is to them, unlike practical test centres.

So, a round of applause to Halfords for putting that into consideration for young/new drivers. Also they will not be charging extra for their services, just book your practical test on the DSA website and choose the nearest Halfords to you (if it’s available) then turn up.

Oh, and good luck!