Actor Idris Elba has many talents and with DJ-ing being one of them, he has decided to give his decks a little spin and take up a seven-week residency at Kilburn nightclub Love & Liquor.

He will take the gig under his DJ name Driis on Friday nights. Talking to the Evening Standard about his latest Job, Idris said:

Why do I DJ? Because I just love music. I don’t have to, but I love to do it. We used to make the ladies leave their shoes at the front door. Why? Because I like feet. Simple tips. I’m not going to say I’m the best DJ in the world. But I know how to throw a good party. Driis, Idris Elba, whatever you want to call me, presents a night at Love & Liquor.

I bet he’d throw a great party. Who wants to bet the club will be filled with a whole lot more ladies when Driis is on the decks?