Fresh off the back of her Twitter rant last week, which saw her aim indirect shots at a certain person, who takes semi-naked pictures on Instagram while smoking weed *cough* Rihanna, Jessie J posed for the camera for her Instagram followers in her bathroom, before a live show in Singapore.

The singer uploaded the stunning pictures to her Instagram account, before she was set to perform the gig and added the following caption:

Bait ones before the show! In the bathroom pictures

Jessie posed  in a pair of practically non-existent shorts, a pink top and a pair of high-heeled boots.

Luckily she didn’t upload a picture of herself semi-naked in the bathroom, you know, like the Instagram pictures she claims to dislike so much.

Though she’s not at all naked (just showing a lot of leg and sex appeal) let’s just hope her latest Instagram picture doesn’t see a certain Unapologetic someone throw indirects back her way.

Whatever happens, this is the hottest Jessie J has ever looked. Ever!