Oh no, seems as if somebody has pissed Jessie J off and it could’ve been Rihanna?

The Price Tag singer went on Twitter earlier this afternoon and seemed to have a few salty words, that seemed to be aimed at the Bajan popstar, who’s known for her outrageous, naked or nearly naked Instagram pictures while rolling up a blunt or smoking.


Jessie went on Twitter to randomly rant:


Woah, we’re not sure what triggered Jessie’s rant but Rihanna seems like the only likely target, given that about 900 of her Instagram pictures are of her rolling up!

Jessie J then followed that tweet with:


Ouch. Now we all know Rihanna doesn’t do that!

We’re all for keeping it real and saying what’s on your mind, but we just hope Jessie hasn’t heard of the Rihanna Navy, because they don’t play, so she might want to watch her back!