Newcomer K Koke has generated a lot of buzz around his name since being signed to Roc Nation and the rapper recently spoke openly in a new interview on his journey thus far; in which he discussed getting signed and the controversy that surrounded his name – being accused of attempted murder.

The north west Londoner revealed to not feeling pressure being signed to a label as big as Roc Nation, as he believes his music will justify his artistry when it’s released:

I believe that I’m good at doing music and I have a good lesson to tell people too, so I’m not really worried.

He then went on to speak about his highly publicised attempted murder trial, which saw a 27-year-old football player killed at Harlesden train station on 9 March 2011.

The rapper was acquitted of all charges on 3 November 2011 after 7 months on remand, but revealed that the accused stint had almost  set-back his career:

I just spent month after month just trying to figure out how I was going to come home,” he said, adding that his stint in prison was most certainly a set-back.

K Koke is expected to release his debut album, I Ain’t Perfect under Roc Nation later on this year, while his latest single Lay Your Weapons Down featuring Rita Ora is currently receiving airplay on popular radio stations in the country.