Labrinth is still not a rapper. Never has been, and never will be. He is a singer.

And despite being one of the country’s best singers, and despite scoring a Number One hit singing his song Beneath Your Beautiful, it seems as though the situation has gone from bad to worse for Labrinth.

Following the recent controversy surrounding his  27-year-old drummer brother Joshua Mckenzie (MckNasty) who was accused of getting through his Britain’s Got Talent audition because of the relation to Labrinth, the most prominent reaction we received from Labrinth was via Twitter where he seemed more concerned about the fact that the British press keep referring to him as a rapper.

In a series of tweets Labrinth expressed his frustration and anger which is arguably understandable as he has reminded us this before.


He went on to addlabrinth-not-rapper-tweet-2

To be fair, we really can’t find any other explanation for it other than that journalists hear him sing, see him sing, buy his music, but continue to think, ‘he’s young and black and a performer.. must be a rapper.’

And they probably think he’s a gansta rapper too.labrinth-not-rapper-tweet-3

We totes agree, Lab, totes agree. Others seemed to agree too…


We have to love Labrinth for speaking his mind. But when he gets called Leona Lewis again, I think he might want to really draw the line!

To add to his plea: Dear English press, Labrinth is NOT… I repeat, is NOT a rapper.