Lethal B got understandably annoyed when he spotted a Facebook event for a night under the name of Dench, the name of Lethal B and Emmanuel Frimpong’s clothing line:


Oh shit. Stress!

The problem here though, is neither Lethal B or Emmanuel Frimpong have anything to do with this event, so isn’t that a case of copyright infringement? False advertising? I’m no lawyer but it ain’t right.

And Lethal B definitely didn’t think it was right:


He then wanted to personally get in touch with the culprit himself:


And unluckily for Panjabi Mc, Lethal B found him:


And in case anyone thought Lethal’s rant was a bit extreme, he went on to explain why it made him angry:


Yeah… he has a point. As well as it being illegal… or fraudulent… or something.

The POW! mc wasn’t over with his rant though:

lethal-b-tweet7 lethal-b-tweet8

He has a point.

I bet Panjabi Mc’s gone into hiding. Or deleted his Twitter.