Marvin Sordell during Millwall Game receives abuse

Marvin Sordell during Millwall game receives abuse

Sooooo apparently the Bolton Wanderers striker Marvin Sordell is obsessed with Twitter and Facebook according to his manager Dougie Freedman.

Hmm… isn’t everyone today?

The problem here though, seems to be that Marvin is “obsessed” with defending himself against abuse on social media.

It’s no secret that in recent years black football players have received a disgusting amount of racial abuse on the field, but that doesn’t mean it stops there.

Not the first time Marvin has defended himself publicly

Not the first time Marvin has defended himself publicly: Serbia Vs England Under-21s

Following the tweets Bolton captain Kevin Davies urged the striker to quit social media sites saying:

If it was me, I would advise not to go on it. When it gets to a point when you are getting abuse I think it can play on your mind and affect you.

Yeah, I agree.

If I got tweets like that it would affect me too, but what about all of Marvin’s fans?

Thankfully for them Marvin tweeted a tweet of reassurance.

But it just looks as if the abuse is never going to stop after Marvin recently tweeted this:

Let us know what you think…

Is Marvin obsessed with social media sites or is he just the average user trying to defend himself?