Politicians in the country have cost us the tax payers over £4million to use public transport and their own cars in a year.

Let’s break it down – every MP’s train journey (first class), parking ticket, congestion charge, litre of petrol is being paid by us even after they have been paid their salaries.

MPs are living that large life, imagine travelling to work everyday and all your travelling expenses were paid for, even after your salary is paid; and put into consideration that some of these MPs come from all over the country to meet at Westminster. I have to make sure my kids get into politics when they grow up, no joke. LOL.

Claims data published by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority shows that politicians landed taxpayers with a bill of more than £2.3m for using public transport and £1.1m-plus for the cost of travelling in their own cars in their constituencies or to Westminster. They claimed back £119,802.74 in parking costs and £43,250.24 for tolls and the London Congestion Charge, too.

Other “travel” claims were for hotels (£67,671.84), taxis (£55,656.38), car hire (£22,373.98), food and drink (£4,618.74), motorcycles (£300.48) and even bicycles (£161.84).

In total, MPs claimed £4,043,792.93 in travel expenses over the course of 2011/12.

It’s crazy to think that at a time where drivers are barely affording to take care of their cars, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin claimed a massive £7,223.05 to use his own. And that was on top of the £4,301.40 he claimed for use of public transport (including 39 First Class train fares).

An MP claimed so much last year that he could have bought a brand new car and still afford to maintain it. Wow!!

Another MP claimed for an annual season ticket for the London congestion zone – enough for more than 250 days even though parliament only sits for around 150!

These lot are really taking the piss aren’t they?

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