Clement Marfo doesn't need an excuse to go to Nando's!

Clement Marfo doesn’t need an excuse to go to Nando’s!

One of the biggest mysteries of the 21st century has been why there is no Nando’s in NW10.

But last night, Nando’s opened the doors to their Kensal Rise restaurant and welcomed special guests like Clement Marfo, former Phats and Small’s Singer Ben Ofoedu, Gabby from Made in Chelsea and DJ Norman Jay to the party.

DJ Norman Jay grabbing himself some peri peri chips

Legendary DJ Norman Jay grabbing himself some peri peri chips

As Nando’s goes, the venue itself is pretty small for the location. It could easily have been the size of Primark Oxford Street or Cosmo’s in Croydon and they’d still get queues on a Saturday night, but like all other Nando’s – it had the essentials.


A DJ booth was installed for Norman Jay to keep the music going as Nando waiters went around offering peri peri chips and spicy chicken wings like it was a cocktail party.



So being quite a random event, I went around the people who were there and asked what motivated them to come to the launch. Everyone said exactly the same thing…

For the free chicken. Who doesn’t like Nando’s?

Obviously it was a one-off night so the chicken is no longer free, but it is worth every cent, and now I can confirm that everyone (including McFly’s Harry Judd) loves Nando’s!

Is it possible for someone to love Nando's a little too much? (Harry Judd from McFly)

We’re not sure whether Harry Judd from McFly was preparing to eat or sniff these sauces