Audi are desperately trying to stay at the top with the rest of their German rivals as the new A3 saloon will compete with Merc’s CLA and BMW’s 2 series saloon.


The A3 saloon will be a smaller version of the A4; it’ll be approximately 260mm smaller not a major difference, but hey, the car looks great!


China and the US are the main target markets for the new A3, as mini saloon sales are really booming over there and Audi obviously want a piece of that cake. They haven’t forgot about the European market though and are gonna make a gamble by bringing it over here, because they reckon it will be a big hit with women who aren’t too keen on big saloon cars, but still need the extra space.


A new ‘etron’ electric version of the A3 will be showcased at the Shanghai motor show in April.