Nine-year-old Andrea Buchanan has told how she and three friends were victims of racial abuse because they refused to have a snowball fight with a group of boys.

The schoolgirl, who is of mixed Jamaican and Pakistani heritage and has suffered racial abuse before, wrote about the incident in a letter she called Dear Conscience. It read:

I wish I could talk to someone to describe how it feels being a young, beaten, black girl. I was terrified when the boys called me a nigger. When I was on holiday last summer girls there called me a black bitch, dirty nigger.

Andrea's Letter

Andrea’s Letter

The incident happened close to Andrea’s house in Birmingham when she and her friends went to the local chip shop. The boys approached them and asked them to have a snowball fight, after which they were attacked and racially abused.

West Midlands police are looking for up to seven suspects who are believed to be of Eastern European heritage and aged between 11 and 13.