A 19-year-old British girl has shot herself dead with a legally owned gun because she was devastated about splitting up with her boyfriend two weeks before.

Nisha Jane Webly, who was from Shropshire and was studying health and social care at college, was visiting family in Texas when she shot herself with her cousin’s gun.

Her cousin works a security guard and owns the gun as part of his job. Apparently he had been doing target practice in the garden when the incident happened on the day after Boxing Day.


Nisha had changed her Facebook relationship status to single just over two weeks ago and flew out to Texas to spend Christmas with her American uncle, who is a church reverend, and his family.

Bizarrely, she uploaded happy, smiling photos of herself and family members on Facebook only a few hours before she died.


Nisha (left) with a friend just hours before she died

Friends back home in England have been paying tribute to her and described her as a happy, outgoing girl who was always dancing.

The Daily Mail reports that Nisha’s friend Thomas Markus, 20, who went to Telford College with her, said

She was such a fun girl and was always dancing. I think she wanted to dance professionally but she was doing health and social care at college with us.

I can’t get over what has happened.

She split up with her boyfriend at the same time as her best friend Paige broke up with hers. I’m not sure what happened between them but I know they were very close and she was very much in love.

She was really looking forward to that holiday and before she went there was no indication that anything like this could happen.

She always came across as a bubbly girl, full of personality.

Nisha‘s mum and sister have flown out to Texas to be with the rest of the family.

Nisha died in hospital where she was rushed following the shooting.

Police are still investigating but are said to not be looking for any suspects as they believe that Nisha shot herself.