Turn the other way all you want Alex, we all know it’s you.

According to Heat magazine, Alexandra Burke and American actor Jeremy Piven got close last Wednesday at the Tom Ford party in Loulou’s club in Mayfair.

25-year-old Alexandra and 47-year-old Jeremy (yes, 47) drove in the same taxi to the club but Jeremy entered first leaving Alex to circle the block and arrive some minutes later to avoid being noticed.

Ooh, clever.


Now she’s alone. No one will ever suspect she was with Jeremy.

A source told Heat:

The party had cleared out by 2am and Jeremy and Alex were the last two standing; they were really enjoying each other’s company. Jeremy left soon after to avoid being seen and went back to the Corinthia hotel. And lo and behold, Alex was seen arriving there just half an hour later.

The source then said that dating Jeremy could help Alexandra’s career over there.

Alexandra is using him to further her career? Never!

In case you’re having a hard time picturing Alexandra with this oldie Jeremy, there’s pictures of them arriving at the same hotel.

Pictures never lie, do they?