Over the weekend One Direction  visited Ghana for this year’s Comic Relief (happening in March) and by the looks of things they didn’t do their homework before they went.

Since coming back to the UK, Comic Relief has released an image of the boys visiting a school in Ghana that is supported by the UK Fundraiser.

1D in ghana

But things took a turn when the inexperienced boy-banders were unleashed on to Twitter to share their experiences with their followers

niall twitter 2

Their tweets drew controversy and anger all over Twitter. But it was E! Online’s reporting that has drawn the most criticism.

Accra is the capital city of Ghana with a population of almost 2.5 million. It is an advanced and flourishing city and one of the most forward-thinking cities in Africa the world.

The New York Times last week voted Accra as the fourth best place to visit in the world this year, out of 46 destinations (read their reasons why).

So it came as a surprise to the Pappzd Team when American pop culture channel E! cited Accra as an impoverished village (the article has since been amended). Perhaps American TV channels should sometimes read the quality American newspapers.

Anyway, one of the biggest blogs in the African continent commented:


And actress Lydia Forson added:one-direction-accra-2

Perhaps that’s One Direction they should never head again. Ever, ever, ever, ever!

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