Tinie Tempah on the cover of GQ British September 2012 issue

Tinie Tempah on the cover of British GQ September 2012 issue

GQ just published their list of who they believe to be the ten best dressed men in the UK.

All very stylish but the Pappzd Team went through the list scratching our heads, wondering where was Tinie Tempah, or Labrinth. Even the legendary David Beckham. I mean, yes he can be there every year if he’s consistent – and we believe he is.

Fair enough, GQ are fashion and style specialists and we’re not saying they’re wrong, just that we have our own opinion. And what would Pappzd be if we didn’t let our opinion out, eh?

So to redress the balance a bit, we decided to create our own Top 10!

Check out our gallery below.

Can you name everybody? Do you agree?

Tell us who we’ve missed out and who should be dropped from our list.