The Pebble Smartwatch is coming to a wrist near you, thanks to some amazing crowdsourced funding. The makers generated £10m to turn their project into reality, which is a feat in itself.

This clever watch can connect to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. It has an e-ink screen (like a Kindle), notifies you of incoming calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages and has downloadable watchfaces.

The notifications are dismissed by shaking your wrist, so you won’t be disturbed when you’re… erm… playing Nintendo Wii! Most importantly, the Smartwatch can also tell the time!

The first units will go to investors this month (as without them, the project wouldn’t exist). The rest of us should be able to get hold of one soon after for about £110.

Will you buy one? What more do you want from a watch? Let me know in the comments below.