Latitude 25 building, Croydon

Latitude 25 building, Croydon

Now most people saw #NYELinquinyMeetsTheWave trending on Twitter on New Year’s Eve.

And if you didn’t you probably saw it in the Evening Standard yesterday and the complaints it got.

But damn, the destruction it caused was mad!

So many people since last Monday have taken to Twitter and shared pictures of the night that happened at the Latitude 25 building in Croydon.

twitter croydon party

The whole window has been pulled out. Frame and all. How do you even do that?

But this image is the one that had everyone talking on Instagram.

croydon NYE partyHaa.

Even these tweets had me laughing.

NYE twitter


NYE Party


croydon partyNow I’m all for a party but this thing was on a Project X level with around 300 in a small one bedroom flat and blood stains apparently covering some walls in the apartment block.

Has no one ever heard of neighbourliness?