Ashley Cole & Chery Cole in 2006 National Lottery promo

Ashley Cole & former wife Cheryl in a 2006 National Lottery promo

Rumours are circulating online that either Ashley Cole or Mario Balotelli may have won £125k on the lottery after matching five numbers plus the bonus ball in a draw just before Christmas.

Football site broke the news but have not been able to confirm the identity of the player, other than that it is a Premiership player, because the winner opted to remain anonymous.

However, visitors to the site have left comments suggesting it may be Ashley Cole or Mario Balotelli.


It could be you – Mario Balotelli

Of course this is just speculation, but other news sites have carried the story along with pictures of Ashley Cole in a photoshoot he, and former wife Cheryl Cole, took part in for a National Lottery promotion in July 2006.

Some are suggesting that this is a spurious link, while others have reasoned that it is a cloak and dagger way of revealing the true identity of the player.

To be fair, we’d love it to be Mario Balotelli because we know he’d probably spend half of it on prostitutes and give the rest away to the homeless while driving from Manchester, thus sharing the wealth.

Fans on and other sites have expressed their disappointment at the revelation that a Premiership player is even playing the National Lottery.

The £125k won here is probably three or four times less than what the player receives in their monthly pay cheque.

The player has chosen to remain anonymous and we’re not surprised, this would seriously turn into a PR disaster for them if their identity is revealed.

Who do you think the player is and do you think it’s acceptable for a wealthy Premiership player to be playing the lottery?

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