You may or may not have heard of the self-harming craze that took over several members of Justin Bieber’s fan base, The Belieber’s last night on Twitter and now  British rapper Professor Green is having his say on the situation.

The incident that took place last night involved dedicated Bieber fans who were upset that the teen sensation had decided to smoke weed at his own will, uploading pictures of themselves cutting their arms and losing high volumes of blood, as they pleaded him to stop.

Professor Green took to his Twitter account, to reveal how he felt about the situation and he definitely didn’t hold back.  He accused Bieber of leading a double life and even suggested that he was using prostitutes.

He tweeted:































How do you feel about his comments? I must say, I do agree with him on the parenting part. It’s not up to artists or celebrities in general to serve as the parents for young children and teens.

So what does serve as the problem? Are kids now being allowed too much internet access, to the point where they feel connected with their favourite celebrities on a  level that’s too deep?

Give us your views on this topic as we’d love to hear how our readers feel about this one.