Victim 18-year-old Ra Ra Makaveli

Talking to the Times, the teen said:

I saw a suspicious-looking guy come into the room, there was a big flash and people started running out. Everyone was trying to squeeze through one door and stepping over each other. I ran out with them not realising I had been shot but collapsed when I got outside and when I lifted my dress I saw a big hole in my leg.

Describing the ordeal like something out of a “Western movie”, she also states that despite the chaos caused, the shooter continued to chase after his target once everyone was outside the club:

He had no regards for anyone’s safety. I’m amazed no one else was hit.


A picture of Ra Ra taken on the night of the shooting

Ra Ra is currently recovering in hospital after undergoing surgery on New Year’s Day. The bullet entered through her leg, travelled through her buttocks and groin and finally exited through her thigh.

Who would believe someone could go out for their birthday and be shot? I have never been to Crystals before and I was really looking forward to it. I had my new outfit, hair and shoes and it was supposed to be a fun night. If people have a beef with each other they need to take it outside. Not involve other people. This will stay with me forever. I’m having nightmares and trouble sleeping but know I am lucky to be here and able to say what happened.

Three men were arrested but have since been bailed and Crystals nightclub is currently closed until mid-January.