Snoop Lion, (formerly known as Snoop Dogg) has just announced a release date for his full-length documentary film, chronicling the rap stars transformation from hip-hop veteran to upcoming reggae artist.

The documentary titled Reincarnated, will see a premiere in UK cinemas on 22 March and will give fans an insight to the rapper’s new found love for the reggae genre.

It will also give unprecedented access to the star’s personal life, as he visits legendary reggae artist Bob Marley’s hometown in Jamaica for an in-depth study of the genres origin.

Snoop’s debut reggae album is slated for release this year and will be produced by Dancehall and reggae producer Major Lazer.

Ummm… yeah, this should be quite an interesting watch to say the least.

Hopefully he doesn’t come across too forced, I’m sure he’ll annoy quite a few people if he puts on a Jamaican accent and dodgy patois for the cameras.

One thing’s for sure, there’ll be keys and keys of weed smoking going on.

Will you be spending your hard earned cash to see a documentary of Snoop’s transition from a dog to a lion?