Rita Ora must have been feeling the cold at Heathrow airport yesterday as she sported an all leather outfit with a hoodie and a veiled beanie.


She wore a ruffled leather jacket, Monika Chiang leather trousers, and Alexander Wang leather lace up boots.

The coat, boots and trousers could be individually dressed up in a chic and high-fashion manner, but when wearing it with the casual hoodie pulled up and a veiled beanie hat, Rita ended up looking like a bit of a confused mess.


She wore it with an odd pair of cat eye shaped glasses and even bothered to put on her signature red lipstick. I know you’re trying to make the red lip your ‘thing’ Rita, but when you look like you’ve made zero effort, you shouldn’t bother.

Overall, this look was an unfortunate mash-up of some great designer pieces thrown together and creating a look that has left me feeling baffled.

Pappzd Verdict: Hang The Stylist