Somehow word got around on Twitter that Rita Ora was allegedly cheating with Hip Hop mogul Jay Z. And whilst many people were tweeting about it, Rita Ora seemed to take extra offence from comments made by Geordie Shore cast member Holly Hagan.

Maybe it’s because she’s the one Geordie Shore character who admits that she’s not able to keep her knickers on. Just saying.

So, anyway, Rita did not appreciate these comments and whilst she managed to keep scthum when Rob Kardashian was tweeting scandalous things about her, she failed to do the same on this occasion calling Holly a ‘whore’ in her since deleted replies:


Arwhh, come on, Rita! You should know better than to call a girl a whore, especially after the unfortunate hashtagging of #RitaWhora… words can hurt sometimes don’t you know. Especially since she’s referring to that other ‘bullshit rumour in her tweets’.

This didn’t phase Geordie Holly at all who tweeted back:

To be fair, I don’t actually know why Rita decided to single Holly out as I’m sure there were plenty of other people saying similar things. But it seems Rita can’t help but be surrounded by controversy and rumours recently, jeez!