Left: Rita Ora, R: Rihanna in 2009 (just in case you were confused)

Rita Ora claims that her second album will set her apart from other artists, but we’re beginning to lose faith in that happening as the singer continues to play the role of a Rihanna tribute act in her latest promotional photo for the Enough Food for Everyone campaign.

Rita poses for the promotional shot with a blonde and brown hairstyle, that is strikingly similar to the same hairstyle that Rihanna wore during the release of her 2009, album Rated R.

Does Rita think people just forget these things and that she can just recycle them a few years later?

The shoot is in aid of the charity campaign, which aims to put an end to world hunger and has endorsed multiple celebrities to help promote the charity.


Rita spoke on the campaign, saying:

We can be the generation to stop hunger.

While we appreciate Rita’s efforts and generosity for contributing to the campaign, we can’t help but wonder why she continues to fail in finding her own individual style.

We understand that Rihanna is Rita’s labelmate, but why is it so hard for her to not look like Rihanna’s mirror reflection?

They say that imitation is the biggest form of flattery, however at this rate we wouldn’t be surprised if Rita starts giving Rihanna album credits in her future music.