Rita Ora’s debut album may of reached platinum status in the UK this month, but the album failed to meet the expectations of critics who had been waiting for original material from the R.I.P singer, ever since she had been discovered and signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation label.

With sales of over 250,000 from her debut album, the singer is carefully crafting the follow up and speaking of the currently untitled project, she said:

This second album is more directional, much clearer. I definitely know what I want more and it’s pretty straightforward with what I’m trying to say with this second album.

She then described the experience of creating her first album:

Ora was a funny situation. I was still figuring myself out. I was 18 and I’m 22 now. I was experimenting

Lastly, she spoke on some of her influences behind the second album:

There’s still elements of pop in there, but pop from when it was pop – from the Blondie, No Doubt days to turning it into my love for ’90s hip-hop.

Here’s hoping that Rita’s new album will make her stand out from the crowd a little more and hopefully display traits of her personality.

For while she clearly can sing, her music comes across bland and sometimes feels like the leftover tracks that Rihanna other artists decided not to include on their projects.

Excited about a new Rita album? What kind of sound are you hoping to hear this go round?