There will always be rumours about which products Apple will release next and this is the latest.

9to5Mac reported that Apple will indeed release a 128GB version of the iPad.

According to their sources (who have been correct on a few occasions in the past), this won’t be an all new iPad; it will just be adding to the existing lineup.

The evidence comes from lines hidden in the software code of iOS 6.1 where there is a reference to an unknown iPad device (one that developers spotted very quickly).

128GB is a LOT of space for storing all those HD videos and could possibly house most people’s entire iTunes library!

An important factor to consider is the cost of such a device. The current top-spec iPad has 64GB and costs £559.00. Double the storage to 128GB and there will definitely be a price increase.

There’s been no official word on pricing at this stage (or confirmation that the device even exists), but if it does surface you might need to remortgage your house to get one.

How would you fill that 128GB memory? And would you be prepared to pay the costs for more space? Let me know in the comments below.