In a response to our article about Sabean Fulcher getting sentenced for 10 months multiple credit card scams, the 23-year-old has written an article disputing the fact that she is guilty.

She made us aware of her response by posting a tweet using a Twitter account she created specifically for the purpose. We have decided to publicise her article in the interests of fairness and giving her a voice.


In her article titled Innocent Until Proven Guilty (a strange choice of title considering she has, in fact, been proven guilty), she insists that she didn’t commit any crime and was a victim of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

She claimed that she was advised by her lawyer to plead guilty to the charges of fraud to avoid facing a possible longer prison sentence of over four years.

She also insisted that she was found guilty of credit card charges of £3,500 and not the £9,000 reported, claiming that no goods were found in her house by police and no evidence of the fraudulent money was found in her bank account.

So whilst her suspended 10 month sentence still remains, Sabean continues to claim that she is a victim of being proven guilty whilst innocent.