Aspiring model, Sabean Fulcher, has been given a two year suspended sentence of 10 months in jail after spending nearly £9,000 of other people’s money through cloned credit cards.

Sabean, who once starred in Katy B and Sneakbo videos, plead guilty to fraud.



The 23-year-old from Ealing who described herself as a model, actress and designer used multiple cloned American Express cards to buy Mui Mui bags, Christian Louboutin shoes and Mulberry bags and blamed her fraudulent activity on her relationship with an older man. Her lawyer Victoria Meads told Southwark Crown Court:

The circumstances of the offences boil down to a relationship she found herself in. She became involved with a man we know as “Nathan”. During the course of the relationship, I can only put it like this – she simply lost all common sense and integrity, she became completely involved with him. He and his friend promised her work in the fashion industry, telling her they were running a fashion magazine.

The model was found out when she was using one of the cards to buy Jimmy Choo shoes, but when the transaction was declined the  card was cut up by the shop assistant and police were called.

As well as her suspended 10 month sentence, she will be made to do 120 hours of unpaid work and was ordered to pay £400 towards the cost of the case.

I’d say she got off quite lightly actually!