So we all know that the Galaxy S3 (GS3) is Samsung’s flagship smartphone, and is the biggest selling phone of 2012 worldwide.

But recently some owners of the ubiquitous device have been experiencing a ‘sudden death’ issue. Essentially, the GS3 powers itself down with NO WAY to switch it back on. There is no specific action, which triggers the ‘sudden death’ and many users have reported it happening completely at random.

The cause is thought to be a hardware problem and it seems to affect users who have had their device for about six months or more. So if yours is coming up to your half-year anniversary you might want to start showing it some extra TLC. Treat it to a new case or something.

Reported incidents of ‘sudden death’ are comparatively low (under 1,000) considering Samsung had sold 30 million of them by November (I wonder how many more were sold around the world at Christmas).

Samsung are aware of the issue and are currently replacing the parts of affected handsets (under warranty of course). There’s been no official word from Samsung to acknowledge the problem, but the number of people reporting it is increasing.

This could turn out to be a PR disaster for Samsung especially considering the amount of people who own the Galaxy S3 (myself included).

If you own a Galaxy S3, my advice is to backup all important information to your computer now… Just in case.

Have you got a GS3? Let us all know if you’ve had any problems with yours in the comments below.