Victim of Bullying:

Victim of bullying and sexual abuse: Chevonea Kendell-Bryan

Reasons to why a 13-year-old girl may have jumped from the window of her mother’s flat have been revealed this week during an inquest held at North Westminster Coroners Court.

Chevonea Kendall-Bryan, 13, fell 60ft from the top floor window of her mother’s flat at Seldon House in Battersea, south-west London, back in March last year and later that day died at King’s College hospital from her injuries.


Flower lay in memory where Chevonea fell

According to the Daily Mail, Chevonea’s mother Angela Kendall, told the coroners court yesterday how her daughter had been bullied at school.

Chevonea was very bubbly and always laughing and joking. She was a nice little girl. She was getting bullied. It started with name calling but got physical – tripping her up, pushing, slapping.

She wasn’t the same bubbly person she was when she started at school. Matters got worse, she started self-harming – cutting herself on her arm

But if bullying wasn’t bad enough, 13-year-old Chevonea was then forced to perform a sex act on two different boys a month before her death.

The court heard how Chevonea told her mother how she was made to perform a sexual act on a 15-year-old boy at a party and was then forced to do the same again on another boy the next day.

Chevonea's mother: Angela

Chevonea’s mother: Angela Kendall

Like any mother, Angela reported the incident to the school, and the court heard how she demanded for something to be done asking the school:

Will it take a tragedy to happen before the school actively stops these two boys from bullying a vulnerable girl?

But after Chevonea’s mother told teachers of her daughters ordeal, Chevonea pleaded for her not to report it to the police, scared she would be branded a ‘snitch’.

Wanting to help her daughter, Angela told the court how she asked a teacher to report the incident to the police so it would look like she hadn’t gone against her daughters wishes.

Chevonea before the assault

Chevonea before the assault

Sadly, following her fall, Chevonea suffered cardiac arrest and later died in hospital from severe head injuries.

The inquest is expected to last up to five days.