2012 was another good year for smartphones. We saw some top class models hit the market (iPhone5, Galaxy S3, HTC One X+), and some not so top class models (Blackberry Bold 9790, Sony Xperia Ion).

Looking at the current trend, it seems as though bigger is better! There was actually a time when every manufacturer wanted to make the smallest phone available (remember the Nokia 8210?), but with the amount of digital media we now consume, that trend has definitely reversed.

Here are 6 things we can expect from smartphones in 2013

6. iPhone 5S or 6


Apple will undoubtedly release the next version of their iPhone. It could be a slightly improved iPhone 5S or an all new iPhone 6.

The one thing we can bet on is that Apple will attempt to increase the display resolution, throw in a faster processor and probably sue one of the other manufacturers for copying patents they copied in the first place.

5. Samsung Galaxy S4


The Galaxy S3 (above) is not even a year old, but rumours of the next version have already started flying around. There’s talk of an updated quad-core processor or even an octo-core engine driving an anticipated 1080p 5-inch display.

I’d expect man-bags to become more popular as these large devices will struggle to fit in our pockets!

4. Improved Windows 8 Phones


Microsoft has a really good operating system with Windows Phone 8 and manufacturers are finally starting to make handsets that compliment it. The two stand-out Windows Phone phones in 2012 were the Nokia Lumia and the HTC 8X (pictured).

If you have used any of these two phones, you will probably be very impressed. You can expect to see updated versions of these in 2013 as well as a host of other manufacturers joining the party.

The problem for Microsoft is how to get people away from their iPhones and Androids.

3. New Blackberry 10 Phones


In terms of market share, RIM is miles behind the major players Apple and Samsung and they’re banking all their hopes in their new smartphones for 2013.

The software running on these phones has also been dramatically improved and could bring them some success. More will be known after their event at the end of January, but RIM will probably suffer from the same problems as Windows Phones (i.e. Apple and Android won’t go away).

2. More storage


16GB seemed to be the norm for storage on mobile phones in 2012. However, 2013 should see that increase to 32GB or 64GB as standard as our need for masses of digital content continues to increase.

Soon you will be able to take your whole music library and entire photo collection around with you, or watch all those episodes of The Big Bang Theory on your daily commute.

1. Longer lasting batteries


With all the beautiful displays, powerful processors and 3G or 4G data, our smartphones tend not to last an entire day without needing some extra juice.

Motorola stunned us all when they released the Razr Maxx with an amazing 3,300mAh battery (by comparison, the Galaxy S3 has only 2,200mAh). This will also mean our phones won’t be getting any thinner so they can incorporate these larger batteries.

To be honest, I’d happily have a slightly thicker phone if it means I’m not scrambling around for a charger before 7pm every day!

Tip: Turn off 3G mode (WCDMA) and keep your phone on GSM for most of the time. Use Wi-Fi instead of 3G wherever you can. If there’s no Wi-Fi switch on 3G when you need to browse the web, watch videos or download stuff. It might seem a bit long but your battery will last 2-3 times as long as it currently does. 3G is the biggest battery drain on phones.

What do you think of my list, have I missed any major developments? Let me know what you would add in the comments below