A selection of media organisations received a communique from the So Solid Crew PR machine yesterday, inviting us to attend a special iPhone launch style conference in London on Monday.

The communique was sent with a special press pack entitled “Something’s Happening” which included the video above and special details of the announcement.

In a tightly choreographed PR strategy around the forthcoming revelations, the video is all we’re allowed to show at this point.

Publishing details of the announcement itself has been embargoed until Monday 14 January.

In a telephone call in the early hours of this morning I had a conversation with the founder of the iconic group, Megaman, who outlined his agenda for the announcement. He said

I’m really excited about this. It’s going to shake things up. This is needed.

I asked Mega whether this was something that he decided to do recently, and he told me

No, my team has been working on this since the beginning of last year. This is the culmination of a year of hard work and synchronising schedules. You can imagine, there are a lot of schedules to sync.

Anyone who knows me knows I put in the work, I put in the graft. This wasn’t overnight.

I have to admit, the plans excite me. As a young man who grew up in the UK, the impact of So Solid Crew in the noughties was something that we have not seen in the UK since. It is unlikely we ever will again.

I, for one, can’t wait until Mega’s plans unfurl.

Watch this space…