Lupus Street in Pimlico, south London has been cordoned off after a teenage boy – believed to be 16-years-old – was fatally stabbed yesterday evening.

The teenager was apparently heard screaming shortly before the attack, which is believed to be a result of gang culture in the area.

49-year-old Muhammed Alzubaidi, said his friend who witnessed the event told him:

… they were carrying knives, some of them with wide swords. He said the victim was screaming and trying to get away.

His friend then told him that the gang ran off in different directions.

The teen was taken to a local hospital where he later died.

A 22-year-old who lives near where the incident took place but asked to not be named, said:

I came outside and saw the victim standing and holding his stomach and about three or four young blokes running down the street opposite. He was reeling and swaying for about 20 seconds and then fell and then people started gathering and calling the ambulance… It was a pretty serious wound – you could see it from a long way off. It was horrible.

The police are currently investigating the murder and there have been no arrests so far.