Mario Balotelli is never short of female attention – he seems to have a new chick every month – which is probably why he was surprised when girlfriend and Playboy Bunny Tabby Brown dumped him for none other than Trey Songz.

Guess Trey Songz doesn’t call himself Mr. Steal Your Girl for no reason.


Tabby and her new boo, Trey Songz

The 28-year-old model, who is a Pappzd favourite, has dated Mario for seven months according to The Sun, but got fed up after not getting enough attention and decided to run off with Trey Songz.

Hmmm, Mario Balotelli or Trey Songz? Can’t really say I blame her for making that decision!

A source told the Sun:

It really did affect him. He got angry and upset and tried to pursue her. He had probably never been dumped before.

Oh, whatever. Looking at his track record, I’m sure he would’ve moved on soon enough anyway.

And hasn’t he got a baby mother to be dealing with now? Maybe Tabby just didn’t want to be working with that level of drama in her life right now!

Tabby’s Twitter account has been uncharacteristically silent since the story broke.

Check out some more pics of Tabby below and you’ll see why Mario might be crying over losing her.