Temple Run 2, the sequel to the smash hit game of  2012, is now available for iOS and Android.

The first Temple Run was downloaded an astonishing 36 million times. 2.5 million of those were on Christmas Day alone – all those new iPads and Android tablets were definitely put to good use!

Not much has changed in the way you play the new version and lets face it, Imangi Studios already had a winning formula with the original. You still have to run, jump, slide and dodge to get that monkey off your back (pun intended), while collecting coins. This time around, instead of a pack of monkeys, you have to escape from what looks like a giant mutated monkey in an environment which wouldn’t be out of place in Avatar.

Imangi Studios have also added some nice new features; our player can now jump into carts and swing from ropes. There are also new obstacles to overcome like rivers and collapsing floors. It does remind me of Indiana Jones in that respect.

The graphics are very similar to the original Temple Run, which is not a bad thing. The levels are cleverly designed and the learning curve makes the game suitable for kids and adults alike.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been on a train and heard monkey noises coming from someone’s smartphone. I’m not ashamed to say, mine is now one of them. The game is very addictive due to its simplicity, but does get much harder the further you progress.

Overall Temple Run 2 is a very exciting, if not groundbreaking game which will keep us busy on the daily commute for many weeks ahead. I definitely recommend it!

Have you managed to escape the giant monkey yet? Let me know in the comments below.