The life of a model is hard, eh? Wearing clothes that are uncomfortable, working at ungodly hours, having to change your look to suit a job… many models have to change their looks but for Christopher Shannon’s catwalk show, Harry Uzoka has given one of the strangest image changes I’ve seen.


The hood is seeing this, Harry. Soz.

Anyway, I feel for you, most guys hate extensions on girls let alone on themselves.


LMAO. Oh gosh, a basketball wife.

But you’re a gorgeous guy! You may not like it Harry, but you pull off extensions better than some girls! Wink, wink.


Luckily his prayers must’ve been answered as they told him the got the wrong person and he didn’t have to wear them anymore. Phew!


But the question all the girls really wanna know…. Was it Indian, Cambodian, Brazilian, Mogolian or Chinese virgin hair? Cos that quality looooooks uhm, uhm!