Look Kano! Evil racist bananas!

Filming is underway for the second series of Top Boy and the crew is really excited about it, an inside source has revealed exclusively to Pappzd.

It was being filmed in Rickmansworth and rumour has it that Kano – who plays the unhinged Sully – is a bit of a diva on set. For instance, he refuses to have bananas in the fruit basket in his trailer as he thinks that they are racist…

Erm… what was that now?

And apparently whilst there’s all smiles as he says this, he’s being serious. On one occasion he was once overheard telling Ashley Walters

Don’t piss me off with this again, man!

However, no one takes his diva-ish antics seriously as Ashley Walters – who plays Top Boy’s Dushane – constantly teases him by leaving bunches of bananas everywhere and encouraging new crew members to go and offer Kano a banana.

We can’t wait to get more information and hopefully BTS pictures or videos.

Until then, when you see Kano – offer him a banana, he’ll love you.