MC Tribal Magz and friends A Squeezy and Skinny Malone have come together for a funky house collaboration of their latest track, Afro Party.

Five days after finishing the song, the three got together for the shooting of the video. However, the three guys shouldn’t have been in such a rush to shoot the video as there was no electricity, lighting or music when Tribal Magz arrived on set! Maybe the production crew wanted Ghanaian Tribal Magz to feel at home by filming the video in recreation of Ghana’s ‘Lights Off’?


Well, at least Tribal Magz had phone reception…

This was a problem for everyone though because it meant that the video girls couldn’t get ready properly as they had no electricity to do their hair or lighting to do their make up.


She looks good for someone who got ready in the dark! And it looks like A Squeezy thinks so too.

However, creative juices got flowing on the set and to make up for the lack of actual music, the dancers decided to beatbox to give themselves something to move to. Good thinking!


Beatboxers finally gave the girls something to dance to.

Regardless of all the little mishaps the video came together well, and watching it I’d never know they had all those backstage issues.

Check out the video above.