With her debut solo album not doing so well and her judging career on X Factor not being certain, Tulisa has shared her plans of hopefully getting into acting.

Talking to the Metro, the 24-year-old said:

I’ve kinda been doing acting for a while but never found the time… Now that the album is out and done I can find the time this year.

And the Female Boss, being bossy as ever, even suggested that she wouldn’t settle for being just a TV star:

I love acting as much as I love music so I would want to go to the top as much as I would in music. The X Factor is the only TV I would really do…but I am getting back into my acting career this year. There’s a couple of films in the pipeline.

We all know that Hollywood is the top, could that be what Tulisa is aiming for?

Now, who wouldn’t want to watch a film Tulisa’s in just to see her acting?