Happy New Year guys!

And we know what that means… New shows to watch.

So if you need to catch up on what’s been going on in those programmes you’ve missed over Christmas and want to know what to look out for, you’re in the right place.

Eastenders (BBC1: Mon & Fri – 8pm, Tues & Thurs – 7.30pm)

Well there has been a lot going on in Walford over Christmas with Alfie finding out about Kat’s affairs and Derek being killed off.

This week has been just as busy with Bed & Breakfast owner Kim discovering her sister Denise kissed her man Ray, but doesn’t discover the truth that Ray made the first move. Denise confronts Ray and asks why he lied to Kim.

Kat manages to land herself a cleaning job with Bianca at Sharon’s club, but is humiliated when Roxy (Alfie’s new woman) offers them both another cleaning job at the Vic. Kat later regrets going into one with Roxy at the bar.

Jack and Sharon announce their engagement to Phil’s surprise but Michael leaves Phil with a business proposition involving Derek’s counterfeit money. But Phil has other ideas for Michael as a business partner.

And lastly, Abi makes friends with new boy on the block Dexter to Jay’s disapproval. Jay then kicks off when he discovers Dexter having dinner around Abi’s with the family. Tanya and Cora are then stunned when long-lost sister Ava arrives to pick up her son Dexter!

Dexter meets the family

Dexter meets the family

Tonight Denise decides to smooth things over with Kim but Ray arrives, ending his relationship with her. Kim blames Denise for the split.

And Tanya and Max accuse daughter Abi of causing trouble, even though she didn’t know Dexter’s true identity. Dexter tries to apologise but is left dejected.

Spoiler Alert: Lauren and Joey are caught

Spoiler Alert: Lauren and Joey are caught

Next week Lauren and Joey are caught kissing in the corner but who catches them?

Kat finds it hard to work with Roxy and all hell is let loose. Kat resigns before Roxy can fire her and in a twist Roxy gives Bianca the boot too.

Ava and Dexter return to Walford when Ava has an interview at the local school. Dexter takes the car around to Phil’s garage and is found fixing the car himself by Phil when Jay is too busy to do it for him.

Dot makes a surprise return to the square and is shocked by the state her family are in. Derek is dead, Jack is engaged to Sharon, Max is married to Kirsty and she finds out Lauren is sleeping with her cousin Joey. Will it all be too much for Dot?

Stirring Kirsty then finds Lauren paralytic in the Vic after Dot questions her about Joey. Max gets a call from Kirsty and picks up Lauren from the B&B. Kirsty gives Lauren a key but when she drops it someone picks it up.

Tanya then finds calls from Kirsty on Max’s phone and sees the B&B key fall from his pocket, but has Max been a naughty boy?

Spoiler Alert: Dot returns to Walford

Spoiler Alert: Dot returns to Walford

The Undateables (Channel 4: Tuesdays – 9pm)

The Undateables are back and in this series we follow several extraordinary singletons, as they begin to date.

On Tuesday we got to see 26-year-old Michael, who is determined to find love, go speed dating for the first time and with his autism he finds it hard to hold a conversation. But even though his speed dating didn’t go as planned his blind date with Helen did.

We also met 21-year-old Brent who has Tourette’s syndrome. But despite his involuntary shouting, swearing and harsh movements, he had a successful first date with Lizzie and even planned future dates.

Lastly, we saw 22-year-old Sarah who suffered a stroke at 18, leaving her with a condition called aphasia. This makes it hard for her to socialise, let alone date, but after going on a boat trip with Gary her fears of never finding love was lifted.

Next Tuesday we get to meet three more singletons looking for love.

Series two: The Undateables

Series two: The Undateables

My Mad Fat Diary (E4: Mondays – 10pm)

Starting on Monday 14 January, My Mad Fat Diary is a comical drama about a teenage girl who has just been discharged from a psychiatric hospital.

I know, sounds serious right? Believe me. it’s not.

Adjusting to reality proves difficult for Rae when her mum is secretly trying to hide her new Tunisian boyfriend from being deported, but luckily Rae finds her old friend Chloe, who now hangs around with a new group of people.

But what this show is about is whether or not she will fit in with who she calls the ‘cool kids’?

Being quite fat and very strange this turns out to be easier said than done.

Lead Character:

Lead Character: Rae

Utopia (Channel 4: Tuesdays – 10pm)

Utopia is the latest six-part thriller drama on Channel 4 about cult conspiracy theories and if you like Misfits you will love this!

Now read carefully as this could get confusing…

The series centres around a graphic novel called The Utopia Experiments, but the book is shrouded in mystery.

When a small group of unconnected people find themselves in possession of an original manuscript of the book, their lives suddenly take a turn for the worse.

A shadowy unit called The Network, who will stop at nothing to keep the secrets of the book hidden, find out they have the manuscript and begin to hunt for them.

Whilst three of the members meet in a pub, another is confronted by The Network and killed. A fifth member of the group, 11-year-old Grant, witnesses the murder and flees with the manuscript.

Following me so far?


The three in the pub (Ian, Becky and Wilson) then find their lives are falling apart with Ian and Becky being framed from crimes they didn’t commit and Wilson attracting the attention of The Network with his hacking skills.

Whilst running for their lives another character, civil servant Michael Dugdale, has his world torn apart, as he is blackmailed by The Network over an affair with a prostitute.

Just as things look at their worst, Ian, Becky and Wilson come face to face with a stranger who says he could help.


Nathan Stewart-Jarrett plays character Ian

So a little strange but the cast sounds amazing, with Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (who played Curtis in Misfits) and Adeel Akhtar (who was in the Dictator and Four Lions).

I can’t wait!

If there are any shows you want to read about and catch up on each week let us now in the comment box below.