Eastenders Spoiler Alert: Tanya confronts Kirsty

Eastenders Spoiler Alert: Tanya confronts Kirsty

It’s Friday!

And if you’re worried about missing the programmes from this week then don’t worry, because you can read about them here and also get a sneaky glimpse of what to expect next week.

Eastenders (BBC1: Mon & Fri – 8pm, Tues & Thurs – 7.30pm)

So, it’s all been kicking off in Walford as Dot makes a surprising return with Lauren and Joey caught kissing in the corner, Dot then reveals it to the rest of the family and Kirsty uses Lauren to get at Max.

All very complicated.

Tonight Tanya finds a missed call from Kirsty on Max’s phone, Dot begins to regret her decision to return the square and Alfie commits to Roxy.

Spoiler Alert: Is it too much drama for the Branning family

Spoiler Alert: Is it too much drama for the Branning family

Next week Tanya will confront Kirsty for a final time after finding her key in Max’s pocket.

After Kirsty refuses to sign the divorce papers, Tanya returns home arguing with Max about the key. Lauren pipes up and admits she went to Kirsty for support about Joey.

Max then pays a visit to Kirsty, followed by Lauren, both asking her to sign the papers. Kirsty calls Max for a chat after she sees Lexi in the pub with Billy.

Kirsty tells a surprised Max that she has signed the papers and is leaving Walford because she loves him. Max doesn’t believe her and returns home.

Tanya is equally surprised but becomes insecure when Max turns down her advances. She questions him about his marriage to Kirsty and when she realises he loves her back Tanya throws him out.

But will Max stop Kirsty leaving as she gets in the taxi?

We’ll have to wait and see.

Spoiler Alert: Kirsty passionately kisses Max

Spoiler Alert: Kirsty passionately kisses Max

Utopia (Channel 4: Tuesdays – 10pm)

Well I wasn’t exaggerating when I said this will be a confusing one to follow and I have to say I was shocked how violent and graphic it was.

In the first episode on Tuesday we meet the cast and also got to see the brutality of The Network, who will stop at nothing to hide the conspiracies hidden in the graphic novel called ‘The Utopia Experiments’.

Within the first five minutes we saw two guys (The Network) enter a comic book shop in search of a mystery woman called, Jessica Hyde. But when they don’t get the answers they want  they murder all four customers, including a young boy.

We were then introduced to five very different people who were apart of the same Utopia forum. But in a dark twist head of the forum, Bejan , has a second graphic novel to everyone’s disbelief.

They agree to meet up but only three make it to the pub, ex-medical student Becky, IT worker Ian and hacker Wilson Wilson. 11-year-old Grant on the other hand goes to Bejan’s house and witnesses him being murdered by The Network.

He takes the novel and runs for his life.

Back at the pub, the three forum members are oblivious to what is happening, enjoying a friendly drink. They decide to take the party back to Wilson Wilson nuclear bunker (a clear indicator that he is weird) and wake up the next day to find all their lives have been destroyed.

Ian was the first victim with police turning up to his work, charging him for rape of a young girl. But soon he learns that Becky has had the same treatment, being accused of having child porn of her computer.


Wilson Wilson torture scene

Wilson Wilson torture scene

However, if you thought that was bad then you will not believe what happened to Wilson Wilson.

After going to the police when he found out  that Bejan had ‘committed suicide’, he becomes a prime target for The Network, who imprison him in his bunker and torture him.

But they don’t just beat him and tie him up. Oh no. They decide to rub chillies, sand and bleach in his eyes and then with a tea spoon they gauge out his right eye.

I couldn’t watch it!

Miraculously Wilson Wilson escapes, killing one member of The Network and calling for backup from Ian and Becky.

They quickly go into hiding and we are left wondering why the mystery woman, Jessica Hyde, has turned up at Becky’s door.

All I can say is that this series is not for the faint hearted. Can’t wait to see what the next episode has in-store.

Mystery woman: Jessica Hyde

Mystery woman: Jessica Hyde

My Mad Fat Diary (E4: Mondays – 10pm)

This hilarious comedy drama did not disappoint, taking everyone back and reminding us who are still in adolescence the horrors for being a teenager.

The drama is based on the main character Rae’s actual diary, making it even more comical as we meet the people she spent four-months in a mental institute with and the ‘cool’ group of friends she met once released.

We also got to meet Rae’s mum, who is more interested in herself, as she turns up to the hospital 40 minutes late with her illegal immigrant boyfriend in the boot.

And as we flick through Rae’s diary we see how difficult she finds it to fit into her life at home and with people.

There were laugh out loud, cringey moments when Rae makes it obvious that she wants to do the same things her mum does to her boyfriend to her crush Archie.

Just imagine a female version of The Inbetweeners and you have My Mad Fat Diary.

It’s addictive to watch!

Rae waiting to be picked up

Rae waiting to be picked up

The Undateables (Channel 4: Tuesdays – 9pm)

It’s the second week of the second series and this week had me giggling for one man inparticular, 49-year-old Ray.

He was absolutely adorable, and being a huge Leeds United fan he loves to talk about football.

But like all the undateables he is looking for love and having learning difficulties, makes this even harder for him to achieve. However, luckily he meets the lovely Janet through his ex-fiance’s dating company, who broke his heart three years before.

But Ray is set on moving on with love and when he chooses Janet over ex Lolita I couldn’t help but cheer for him.

I’m sucker for love.



Alongside Ray there was also extreme sports fan Samantha from Brighton and 30-year-old Steve.

Samantha finds looking for love difficult with her achondroplasia, a common form of dwarfism.

At 3 foot 10 she gets a lot of comments from guys and looks from strangers, but after going seven years without a date she bags herself two.

Unfortunately, her skydiving date doesn’t go well but her second date with student Colin goes smoothly and both seek a second date.

Steve has facial disfigurement from a condition called Crouzon Syndrome, but this doesn’t stop him looking for love.

And Steve finally meets beautiful Ellie who is not scared off by Steve looks and they swap numbers.


Next week we follow Kate, Damian and Oliver.

Next week: Damian

Next week: Damian

If there are any shows you want to read about and catch up on each week let us know in the comment box below.