Utopia: Becky, Ian and Wilson Wilson

Utopia: Becky, Ian and Wilson Wilson

It’s that time of the week again!

If you’re worried because you missed your programmes this week then don’t panic, because you can read about them here and also get a sneaky glimpse of what to expect next week.

Utopia (Channel 4: Tuesdays – 10pm)

At the end of last weeks episode, we were left thinking who this Jessica Hyde was and her arrival has most certainly moved things up a notch or two.

It turns out that Jessica is the daughter of the man who wrote The Utopia Experiments, and was separated from him when she was four. Jessica explains to Becky, Ian and Wilson Wilson that her father had once been the founder of an international group: The Network.

She explained what The Network are and how they were supposed to disband after the Cold War, but was sustained by a founding member known as Mr Rabbit.

The Network front man: Arby

The Network front man: Arby

Jessica revealed that her father was apart of BSE crisis and helped to create the secretive genetic mutation, explaining why it was present in the novel (because he helped to create it). This lead to him being driven mad and ending up in psychiatric care.

The Network, we now know, has a foot in the CIA, the Russian mafia, and Whitehall, and it’s as keen to get its hands on Jessica as it is the evil-project predicting manuscript, which 11-year-old Grant has.

This second manuscript evidently contains details of The Network’s next big evil plan, which explains why we are deliberately being taken away from the three key characters (Becky, Ian and Wilson Wilson) and witness the introduction of a deadly strain of Russian Flu that is being brought into the UK through the health system.

And much like last week, this week’s closing episode was just as dramatic with Becky’s phone call marking her as a potential Network employee.

Next week we shall see if Jessica’s reluctance to include Becky in the group is the right move.

Jessica Hyde

Jessica Hyde

My Mad Fat Diary (E4: Mondays – 10pm)

This week was the second episode and after Chloe found Rae’s hospital tag at the end of the last episode it was not surprising that it was the first thing to be mentioned this week.

And if that wasn’t enough for Rae, Chloe also dropped the bombshell that she has a boyfriend. Now like most friends you would expect Rae to be happy for her.

Oh no.

Instead she gets jealous.

Then we’re in the pub again, (yeah, I keep forgetting she is 16 as well) and Rae comes to Archie’s rescue stopping the conversation about orgasms.  But this conversation is casually turned into relationships that Rae swiftly retreats from.

Just as Rae starts to think she will never get a boyfriend, crush Archie asks her out on a date! Well to the leisure centre but they do kiss.


But in an unexpected twist, Rae catches Archie peeping on the men at the leisure centre!

Yep you guessed it, Rae managed to turn her crush gay.

Is anything ever going to go right for her?

Rae and Archie at leisure center

Rae and Archie at leisure center

The Undateables (Channel 4: Tuesdays – 9pm)

The week we saw three hopefuls (Damian, Oliver and Kate) in their search for love and all three were successful.

Kate, who suffers Down’s Syndrome, met 32-year-old Simon, who has his own learning difficulties. The pair went of their first date to a maze, which left the couple wanting to see each other again.

Being a romantic poet in her spare time, Kate wrote Simon a lovely poem that moved him so much she managed to persuade him to be her boyfriend.


As for Oliver, who has autism, he finds it extremely difficult to socialise but at the same time he doesn’t want to segregate himself by attending specially organised events, for those with similar conditions to himself.

However, with a bit of persuasion from his mum, Oliver works up the courage to go to one of these events and ends up with three girls’ numbers. He chooses one of these girls and decides to take her on a date and with his confidence high, he asks her to be his girlfriend.

Aww, that’s two now.

Finally there is Damian, who has Albinism meaning he is sensitive to sunlight. This makes it hard for him to leave the house and adding in the fact he is partially blind, he has no confidence when meeting new people.

However, after joining a dating agency he meets up with 19-year-old Lizzie from Newcastle. The date goes well and the pair agree to meet for a second time.

Next week we meet Heather, Gareth and Matthew.

Apparent Johnny Depp look alike: Matthew

Apparent Johnny Depp look alike: Matthew

Eastenders (BBC1: Mon & Fri – 8pm, Tues & Thurs – 7.30pm)

This week we saw Tanya confront Kirsty, ordering her to sign the divorce papers. Max later joins her and after kissing him passionately Kirsty signs the papers to everyone’s disbelief.

Just as Tanya feels like everything is turning back to normal, she realises that Max loves Kirsty and just as it looks like he is going to stop her cab driving off, he watches it disappear from the square.

Also, Lola is shocked to find out that Phil has booked a holiday for him, Lexi and Peggy to go to Cornwall for two weeks. She seeks advice and goes to see a solicitor.

Meanwhile, Zainab and Denise are at logger heads as they both apply for the same regional manager job. They both get an interview and Zainab is worried Denise will steal her position.

Tonight Denise almost misses her interview when Zainab ‘accidentally’ forgets to tell her about the rota timetable change. Denise goes in first but when Zainab is asked about the memory loss, is Denise to blame?

Lola also confronts Phil and tells him that she is seeking advice from a solicitor, but is Phil up to his usual sneaky tricks when he warmly tells Billy he only wants what is best for Lexi.

Spoiler Alert: Tyler proposes to Whitney

Spoiler Alert: Tyler proposes to Whitney

Next week does Tanya put Max behind her, even after he meets Kirsty who sends back her wedding ring in the post?

Also Whitney confesses to Tyler about kissing Joey. he later lashes out at Joey in the pub and Whitney refuses to talk to him, but will she accept his marriage proposal?

And Billy persuades Phil to let Lola have an hour with Lexi before they go on holiday to Cornwall, after she insists she is not going to be pushed around.

Finally Zainab is so engrossed in impressing the Iman’s she doesn’t realise Ayesha’s advances on her husband Masood, but can Masood resist Ayesha?

Spoiler Alert: Ayesha makes a move on Masood

Spoiler Alert: Ayesha makes a move on Masood