Twitter have recently acquired Vine, but what exactly is it? Well, Vine is an app which allows you to record and upload short video clips to Twitter. The clips can be up to six seconds long and play in a loop. This means if you get filmed falling over, it can be played again and again by the millions of Twitter users.

As with any social media app, Vine is not exempt from having people who want to upload X-rated or controversial content.

However, you can flag any clips you find inappropriate or offensive.

Due to the short nature of the clips there’s only so much you can squeeze in, but that hasn’t stopped users from uploading clever comical videos. Having a quick browse brought up clips of babies falling asleep in their food and an unlucky lady who got completely soaked by a passing car.

There is a more serious side to Vine though, as companies think up innovative ways to promote their products within the six-second limit. Expect to see trimmed down versions of existing ads and campaigns right on your smartphone.

The Vine app is already available for iOS with an Android version soon to follow.

What six-second video would you upload? Keep it clean and let me know in the comments below.