Vauxhall have confirmed rumours about a four-seater soft top convertible. It’s basically a convertible Astra, but for some reason they’re refusing to call it an Astra – wonder what it is gonna be called then.

Unlike the old convertible Astra, it will have a soft top as the original hard top weighed the car down and extra space had to be created to allow it to fit in when folded, thus reducing boot space. But with the soft top, it will be relatively the same length as the GTC, also sparing precious boot space.


The new convertible is heavily based on the Astra Coupe, or famously dubbed the Astra GTC. The inside will look just like the Astra GTC; there will obviously be an extra button to retract the roof, but apart from that it’s all the same. The interior is very sleek, and just like the GTC  it will have the sports styling theme going on, with sports seats and other options.

I’m expecting 4 engine options to be available, two diesel and two petrol, ranging from 1.6litre – 2.0litre engines. Three out of four of these engine options will have a push-to-start feature as standard to help lower emissions which is a good thing, because that also helps save on fuel.

The unnamed car is due to hit showrooms some time later next year.