(This story contains images of a graphic nature and information that may cause offence to some of our readers, so if you feel like the nature of this story may offend you, please read some of our other stories)

Last night, Justin Bieber’s most dedicated and loyal fans the ‘Beliebers’ shocked the world of Twitter, when they uploaded pictures of themselves, self-harming due to the pop sensation’s use of cannabis.

Fans uploaded pictures of themselves self-harming with blades and one user had posted the following picture of her arm, with the  tweet:




The shocking image that displays several cutting marks and pouring blood, prompted Twitter users to join in with the mayhem, tweeting the individual their responses to the image, which lead to the worldwide trending topic ‘#cutforbieber’.

Some reactions from the following image and several others, (which we will not post as some were just too graphic) include:






I’m not sure that last tweet is entirely correct though…

Following the worldwide trend, the news bought along a lot of parodies from some big Twitter personalities who tried to make light of the situation with their own special takes:





Though we at Pappzd can see the lighter side of the situation, a serious issue lies at hand as self-harming amongst teens is a problem that seems to catch more attention when things like this occur.

It seems that the stan/fan-girl craze of pop acts and boy bands has escalated to new heights with instances like this occurring, so should social media privileges be taken from teens under a certain age?

Stars like Justin Bieber and One Direction are evidently growing up beyond their fan bases, so it’s a scary thought of what will happen when they eventually get too old and go on to live their lives, away from the spotlight while their fans still maintain unhealthy obsessions.

What’s your take on the situation and what do you think can be done to prevent terrifying situations like this from happening in the future?

Let us know how you feel in the comments section.