At last night’s Grammys, Adele scooped up the win for Best Pop Solo Performance for her song, Set Fire to the Rain (live) and now the nine-time Grammy winner revealed she is in the very early stages of working on her third studio album.

The singer said:

I’ve been in LA the whole time since the Globes and I’ll be here till the Oscars. So I’m having lots of meetings, but I’ve been out of the loop really.

She then went on to say:

I’ve just been singing my baby nursery rhymes so I don’t really know what’s cool and what’s not!

Adele also stated that she is trying to work with producer, Paul Epworth who produced her smash hit singles, Rolling in the Deep and Skyfall.
The songstress currently holds the record for the biggest selling album of the 21st century, so I would prefer it if she took all the time she needs in terms of crafting an amazing body of work.
I would imagine her label would give her as long as she needs to make an incredible follow-up to her previous work, this is an album I certainly anticipate as I feel she will have many new experiences to share with her fans since becoming a new mother.